Thursday, January 16, 2014

1964 US...2014 Global...L&C

US society was rocking again in 1964. It was reminded in 1963 that aside from prosperity, the US had a violent streak. The Beatles awoke the nation's youth and to the dismay of their parents, the older generation and the status quo, they rallied around the Fab Four. It was not the only visual rebellious act. In a more serious venue, young college students were becoming aware of the abuses to black people within the nation, especially in the South. There were stories on marches, protests, murders, riots and sit-ins continually on the six o'clock news.
TV had become more than entertainment. It brought the issues of the nation into our living rooms and bedrooms. TV helped Kennedy beat Nixon. It scared us all with the October Crisis. We all attended the president's funeral in 1963 through our black&white tubes. Our living standard was rising, but we became aware that the field was not level. The status quo would solve unemployment with deployment to Vietnam. They gave fertilizer to the seed of discontent. Only today, looking back do we realize how neither political party can be trusted to follow the dogma of Jefferson, " to promote the general welfare."
There was a dull quiet throughout the nation until the Beatles landed at JFK in February of 1964. TV showed more than screaming girls for them. It showed the signs of change. In a continual drumbeat throughout the year, television news replayed one disturbance after another.
There are too many instances to repeat here, however after the murder of three young men in Mississippi, one black leader voiced these words, "I'm tired of going to funerals! I'm tired of it! You've got to stand up!" The decade's movement started with civil rights and ended with war protests. The economics weren't felt until inflation hit which led to a depression in the 1970s.
Now, flash forward! Instead of TV, we got Smart phones, IPADs, and the Internet. The global community has economically improved, however the sins of their existence is catching up to them. If you look at the picture that I am writing about, you can connect the dot of protests, demonstrations and revolution. This atmosphere is not conducive for economic growth. At the moment, the overall effects of the various outbreaks cannot be totaled or viewed as one, which limits the impact. In addition, central banks are flooding the world with cheap money, which at present masks the economic situation. However, this will result in inflation down the road.
The world has caught up with the thinking and feeling that flowed in the US in 1964. It is not just me that sees things like this as cycles. Whether you have heard of the famous Russian economist, Nikolai Kondratiev, who developed his theory of waves or cycles in western capitalism at the turn of the century in the early 1900s to Harry Dent today, the concept has many followers and just as many disbelievers. Dent specializes in cycles, centering around demographics. He sees the West as old, which it is and emerging nation-states as young, which they are. He says there is a world vibe that grows every 200-250 years. During this period, revolution prevails. When you look at our own revolution in 1776, followed by the French Revolution and then, the rebellions which led to the modern states of Italy, Germany, Mexico, South America and more, how can one not see these cycles again? Technology is fostering this cycle in the global community just as the technology of TV helped drive it in 1964. If you say coincidence, the following are an awful lot of co-incidents, including the time line for this cycle.
The following nations had demonstrations that closed the nation, and by the way, these are on-going affairs that are still in progress. They are not going away like the snow by rain.
Thailand, Malaysia, Ukraine, Greece, Spain, Bangladesh, Chechnya, Russia, Zimbabwe, France and Yemen.
The following nations took their protests into rebellion: Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Congo and South Sudan.
Then, there are these other nations that are dealing with various problems from economic, energy, inflation and immigration.
China has protests on jobs and inflation.
Japan has protests on nuclear energy, jobs and inflation.
Australia just passed laws centering on limiting immigration due to jobs and culture.
Germany opened their borders in a limited fashion, but face national protest to this act.
India has problems with jobs and inflation and religious issues.
Ukraine just passed laws limiting protests like OWS. You can almost bet that this will escalate.
Then, there is the problem of refugees because there are civil wars, internecine wars and our-right wars like in Afghanistan. Poorer nations have been flooded with people fleeing the terrors of war. The following nations need help or new problems will arise due to the logistics of refugees and providing for them. Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Somalia, Burundi, Rwanda, Pakistan and Uganda. Even larger nations like Italy, Germany, UK and US feel the impact of immigration at a time when jobs are scare.
The debate over cycles will continue, but the message of 1964 has arisen in emerging nations. Not being in one of those states, one cannot feel the impact in their society. In any event, I'm sure the following words will circulate, "I'm tired of going to funerals! I'm tired of it! You've got to stand up!"
Liars & Crooks: This week goes to West Virginia. They had a serious chemical leak that poisoned the drinking water in nine counties. The company which caused the problem, was purchased recently. At the time the seller told the buyer of the potential problem. Nothing was done. Why, you ask? Because the money influence in the state watered down the safety regulations under the old slogan, " that they were not necessary, cost too much and will result in the loss of jobs." You can always find a job, but you are only given one life. For those who died or became sick, understand this: Dupont and other influential companies got the state legislature to change and weaken safety laws . This storage facility had not been check since 1991 because the new law said it didn't have to. By the way this is the third leak in the last five years, not to mention all the mine collapses in this coal rich state.