Saturday, October 30, 2010

TRICK OR TREAT?...the lie by both of our political parties

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Are you tried of them yet? I know I am, "I'm gonna cut taxes, create jobs and lower the deficit." Yeah, right? It was two years ago that now, President Obama campaigned on health care under the first payer concept, end the wars, make Wall Street accountable with transparency and offer a CHANGE in Washington. I predict that Republicans will win some seats and I further predict that that is the Halloween trick and all the treats will be for the moneyed class. There will be continuous unemployment, higher taxes and still higher deficit and of course, the military complex will ensure that we will spend another trillion, waste lives and be active in some war somewhere protecting their retirement as the world will develop a hatred of the US because of this policy.
We need to have the courage to form a new political party that mirrors the thinking of our Founding Fathers. The Tea Party began the process, however they have been taken over by extremists right wing Republicans. They have words but no substance. If you want jobs, change our pseudo free trade policy to protectionism like the rest of the world. Exports are only 14% of our economy while 86% suffers. Protect the bigger number and we will immediately lower the deficit, redevelop our economic base in manufacturing and the effects will spread throughout. With jobs will come revenue, less foreclousures, more home buying and the saving of the real middle class not some out-of-touch $250,000 income that only 3% achieve.