Monday, November 19, 2012

2 Trips: Shows US Lacks"It"...L&C

It gets the recognition, blame, innuendo, dreams, hope, hate and more. It is the endgame for being cool, desired or location. It is used to express almost anything in our culture and so, I will focus my use of it. I'm referring to is the lack of leadership, a weakness to do the right thing and yet, the lack of integrity by hypocrisy to say the right thing, but actually do the opposite.
It is not one particular person or political party as I will give you one example from each and it is not just in the US. Europe, Asia, South America, everywhere you go, it's the same old song. Thank you Four Tops, Billy Joel and others.
I could use any number of examples, but the daily affairs reflect best the true character make-up of the party from its alfa dog.
President Bush would on many occasions visit his ranch in Crawford, Texas. You say, no big thing. I beg to differ as one does not realize the total ramifications of cost which the taxpayer is on the hook. The news shows the President with dogs, horses and friends, but does not show or reveal this: One trip on Air Force One plus a second or third or forth cargo plane with his limo, helicopter, crew and hundreds of workers that need accommodations and all getting not only regular pay, but special pay for the trip.
When President Obama visited India like he is visiting Myanmar this week, the press will cover it. However, like his previous trip this is what you won't hear. He flies on Air Force One and behind that plane could be 40 other aircraft like when he landed in India. He also took along 3,000 workers and provided some with armored cars, top hotels like all 870 rooms in the Taj Mahal and of course, extra pay, food and incidentals. Some members of Congress say that the trip to India cost the taxpayer $200 million "per day."
Now, when he gets back from his trip the President will say it is time to limit the deficit, create jobs and cut taxes. If the republicans were in power, they would say the same thing except neither shows a true understanding what that entails.
Liars and Crooks: This week goes to Europe and the IMF. France and Germany are beginning to feel the global slowdown with their economies. Lagarde, head of the IMF, has stated that maybe the EU should ease up on austerity measures with Greece. Guess what? The leaders of France and Germany are singing a different song. They say maybe we can live with a little more debt for another year as the leader of France is now promoting debt, the platform he opposed when he ran for office last year. Merkel in Germany faces an election year and now, she too is liking the idea of government debt to ease the pain. They all look to their central banks to continue this debt world and avoid reality. End the Fed!