Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Election Results: Dissolution Resolution...L&C

Election 2012 leaves only one hope for America and that is this: more people disapprove of both political parties than ever before. Although I recommended that no one should vote for either candidate, I cannot claim all the credit for this result. With that said, I still can claim that I have tapped into our nation's collective conscious and more and more of my fellow citizens are reaching the same conclusion. We can do better than these crooks. We will not give them validation. Both political parties are corrupt! The Occupy Wall Street movement hit on that nerve except the founder had no real plan, execution or resolution. He needed my book, but Monday QBs are a dime a dozen.
In the election campaign of 2008, Obama received 69 million votes on the promise of change. He didn't lie. I have .22 cents in my pocket. The Republican, McCain pulled in over 59 million votes in a losing bid for the presidency.
President Obama captured only 60 million votes, which is 15% less. The challenger, Romney only received 57 million votes. While this is close to the 2008 results, it is still far less. Consider this: the fact that there are over 200 million possible voters and the combined totals are 83 miilion short of the elective affirmation. More people dissapprove than approve!
Funny Math:No! You have to remember that within the Democrats and Republican parties their followers will vote the party line irregardless of personal approval. The growing number of Independents gives me hope for our nation. We can beat either of these two political parties. All we need is the right person to emerge and rally the nation and my book could be the spark to motivate such a hiden gem.
Liars and Crooks: This week goes to the prime minister of Greece, A. Samaras. He was able to push through the Greek government his austerity plan of tax increases, spending cuts and lower benefits for state workers. Funny, he ran for office opposing the very plan that he presented. He will be remembered for these infamous last words,"this will be the last time that the Greek people will have to sacrifice."