Saturday, January 29, 2011

STATE of the UNION...the BS stops here

President Obama gave another rhetoric performance, and although this one was too long, it lifted morale. However, the past shows his words lack follow-through as he has failed to end the wars, provide universal health care and regulate the financial industry. I grew up with the truth, "action speaks louder than words." He changed his focus from the above campaign promises to infrastructure, technology, education and the deficit.
He did mention both infrastructure and the technology for the electric grid in his inaugural address, but no action just empty thoughts. The wars still eat lives, resources and adds to the deficit to the tune of two billion a day. The president wants to adjust President Bush's "no student left behind" with his "race to the top." Finally, he showed his true colors of appeasement rather than conviction when he made a deal with the Republicans two weeks ago to extend the Bush tax cuts which added another $855 billion to our deficit which by the way equals the total deficit of President Clinton's two terms in office in just one minute.
The Republican response was more realistic delivered by Congressman, Paul Ryan. His presentation was very truthful and somber, however you cannot trust the Republicans whose party has been hijacked by the wealthy. In fact, it was later revealed that the whole Republican party did not endorse Mr.Ryan's words and there was even another response by the Tea Party which too has been hijacked by the Republican elite.
I voted for President Obama the first time, but I will not vote for him again. He is an appeaser not a leader. To talk about the deficit and at the same time run a budget of over $1.5 trillion dollars is hypocrisy. In addition, our deficit will exceed 60% of GDP in 2011. When you look at this speech it was nothing more than his reelection campaign getting tuned up. His new direction at education sought of deflects from his original campaign promises and within it offers true irony.
His administration is currently pushing the dollar lower to increase exports(14% of economy) which only helps our large international companies and does nor create jobs because our nation is the only true domestic economy(86% of economy) in the world and we need to create jobs that increase our domestic side of the equation. However, this devaluing of the dollar has caused the global community to do the same exact thing to their currencies and here is the irony of the policy, all currencies are racing to the bottom, to be the lowest currency so they can increase exports. How's that for excellence? Will they teach this in our school system?

All these erroneous economic policies are heading us for another crisis, this one will center on the dollar as the world's reserve currency and play right into the hands of the One World Group under the leadership of the banking industry. We need a new political party that represents the poor and middle class who are the people and not the "free trade" people who are our aristocrats and who are destroying the concept of America as established by our Founding Fathers under the thinking of Jefferson and Madison. Our nation leads the world in the economic gap between the top and bottom and currently have 43.2 million people living in poverty. Put the NEO-FEDERALIST on the voting ticket. A party of the people, by the people and most importantly, for the people.