Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mid-Term Elections:10 Things I Run On...but won't see

   The media airwaves are full of political campaign ads. They mostly inform you of how bad the opposing candidate, party or resolution and or, how in these tough economic times they would create jobs, cut spending, promote clean energy and will work for you, the constituency.
   First of all, no one can create jobs. Candidates or resolutions can enact legislation or policy that would enhance opportunities in certain fields. To cut taxes for companies or individuals does not translate into hiring. If someone talks clean energy, but does not back made in America, all they are doing is exporting our stimulus to foreign shores like China. Finally, just two years ago, these same media ads stated the same issues and what have we got - the same status quo. President Obama is a failure. I voted for him because he campaigned on ending the two wars, endorsed the concept of first payer, would make the financial industry accountable, endorse transparency, especially with derivatives among other promises. The only thing that he did that I agreed with is the Ledbetter Act for fair wages between men and women. He is a Democrat in a Republican coat. He has made things worse with exploding debt, a status quo health plan, continuing the war policy and the present crisis with mortgage foreclosure reveal how poor his legislation deals with the broken financial industry who disregard rules and regulations at taxpayer's expense for their profit. This is NO CHANGE. It is in this light that I present 10 concepts if I were running for office.
 * I would endorse a resolution to repeal the Taft-Hartley Act of 1947. This mockery destroyed the labor movement and don't BS me about greedy unions when CEO pay in relationship to labor was 44 to 1 in 1980 and in 2010 it is 344 to 1. People cannot afford cars, homes because labor does not make a living wage. The pendulum is so far to the right that producers are finally afraid as their brand name originally built with union labor, was outsourced to foreign soil, is now under threat.
*  I would call for the end of the two Wars, close almost all foreign bases, re-institute the draft and disband TSA, border guards and similar agencies. In their place I would put the returning military people to protect our airports, borders and ports of call. This one act would eliminate one-half trillion dollars from the budget. In fact, it would lead to a balance budget even without other cuts.
*  In a related field I would extend the budget of the FDA. This agency can only inspect 1% of all incoming containers. This is ridiculous and dangerous. Under this expansion I would also place troops to inspect cargo. I would demand RFID tags for accountability. Follow this small list and understand the impact with fake, dangerous illegal items of contraband. In 2009 there was seized over $11 million in illegal drugs, over $4.3 million in electrical items, over $3.2 million in tech components, over $3.7 million in phony perfume and  over $2.9 million in fake sunglasses. Keep in mind that we only inspect 1%. Imagine if we did real inspections. These numbers would explode and the by-product would be the protection of jobs.
*  Endorse a resolution to reevaluate all passed pork barrel legislation and thus end bridges to nowhere, studies for idiots, etc.
*  In a related act I would endorse a resolution that stated that any originator of any legislation has the power to veto any riders, amendments or additions to his act. Did you know that under the health plan is section 9006 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. It tracks gold purchases and sales which opens the door to tax or confiscate your gold in any form. Enough B.S. and deceit!
*  A bill to terminate the Federal Reserve. Did you know that they are creating debt by printing dollars to buy Treasury debt because no one will purchase our long term debt because of fear that we will default. And while we are waiting for that dreaded day, we suffer with the loss of purchasing power in the dollar or inflation. 
*  Educate the public about the lie of the Chinese economy. For example, when Ford built its third auto plant in China worth $500 million and Honda opened a motorcycle plant valued the same, the Chinese say their economy grew at $1 billion dollars and this is not true. Say, you have a store and you lease space to a jewelery stand who pays you rent. Maybe more people will enter your store, however if they don't buy from you did your economy grow? You cannot include the jewelery stands income as yours, only the rent, but the Chinese include everything and this is fraud.
*  I would endorse a resolution to exit the WTO. The Founding Fathers said make no entanglements and this along with NAFTA and CAFTA are why we suffer from SHAFTA!
*  I would endorse a resolution to form a national committee that would take the place of the Fed. They would answer to Congress to establish the national interest rate which would be set once a year and this group would have equal amount of workers to producers and only one banker.
*  In a related resolution I would draft a call to return to the gold standard. If we had a gold standard we could place tariffs on all imported fiat items for the difference between gold and their fiat currency. We should have done this in the past and we would never be in the position that we find ourselves today. A by-product of this act would be the natural protection of our jobs and economy. Keep in mind that in anything that is passed must contain the clause to buy made in America whenever possible and don't let me get started on the Supreme Court, but then again, it is covered in my book, " The Evolution of Democracy."