Sunday, July 8, 2012


Has it been that long since I wrote in this blog that if the Supreme Court says that corporations have the same rights to express themselves as individuals, well then, I say that they should also suffer the three strike felony clause to put habitual felons behind bars for life or for corporations, eliminate their license from doing business, permanently!
Open the Envelope!
We have a winner. GlaxoSmithKline, step up to the podium! The British drug maker pleaded guilty to health fraud and they paid $3billion in penalties. When you look at this case, you end up asking yourself, what is the difference between a snake oil salesman of the past and a GSK of today?
Only the Label.
Two of the three pills cited were PAXIL and WELLBUTRIN. GSK had their people use every technique in the book, including bribery. Your patient has bipolar disorder? Take one of the two antidepressants from above. If you ask me, they're both totally depressing! Your patient suffers from obesity? Use our pill. Your patient has sexual dysfunction? It covers that too! How about attention deficit disorder? It's a miracle! It can help with that too! And then, there is the third pill, AVANDIA.
We Forgot
to mention that you could suffer a heart attack and die! Small, little detail that got lost in the paperwork. This crime is a slap in the face to America as this is a foreign company and these international companies, as well as our domestic companies will continue to do anything for a buck as in this case where the total bucks for the three pills was over $26billion. Now, how do you feel about that new pill you are about to take? Are you going to wait for the Supreme Court to help? Won't happen in this life span unless my book gets published with a cure for the Supreme Court.
LIARS and CROOKS: Gotta give it up to old "Helicopter" Ben and his back up group, the Federal Reserve. Not only is the real reason for low interest rates is to help the banks stabilize and for our federal government with its ever increasing financing of the debt by making it cheaper and allowing them to kick-the-can-down-the-road, but this new aspect that shows how diabolical the Federal Reserve really is. Did you realize that Social Security buys long-term bonds to help payout their claims? The social security agency counts on receiving so much interest to balance their trust fund which dates to a 1960 law which says, "if the social security trust fund gets depleted, then a 25% pay cut will automatically go into effect." Ben is killing social security with his low rates and he is exchanging normal long-term rates that range between 5 to 6% with new ones that are 1.25 to 1.75%. At this rate the fund will die by 2023 and everyone will suffer a 25% less payout at that time. We already know that the present payouts are not enough to live on, what if you got 25% less? END the FED!