Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sign of the Times...Liars and Crooks

A recent list of names with predictions received their due date today, not all, some are still evolving. Me, I said that the Japanese government and Tepco Utility should come clean about the damage to the nuclear plant. I stated that it is a meltdown and offered a suggestion to entombed the site. Today, they announced that indeed the fuel rods had melted in reactor number one and very severe in three and four.
Meredith Whitney took abuse for stating that there will be many municipal bond deflaults later this year. Today, the state finance minister of Illinois said that taxes to cover the state's deficit would amount to $42,000 for each citizen of that state.
Sergio Marchionne of Fiat, S.p.A. stated in 2009 when Chrysler got out of bankruptcy that he would repay the two governments, US and Canada, the entire bailout with interest. He was jested and that is the nicest thing that "they" said at that time, especially after he laid out his plans for the merger. Today, he repaid the bailout. He is on schedule with his timeline plan. Chrysler made money for the first time in five years and the merger is a real merger with better days coming. And if the NFL ever compromises, the Detroit Lions will do better that Minny or Chicago. That's right I said it and you can call me on it later, if there is a football season.
Ben Bernanke said that QE2 will end in June.
LIARS and CROOKS: A senate bill is circulating that will limit defense spending on printing. Yes, PRINTING! It doesn't matter that the NATO helicopter which is really the American military fired on Pakistani soldiers who fired on the airship after it entered their airspace illegally or that the military stated that they would enter Pakistan again illegally, if they thought that it would result in claiming another terrorist leader and that the two wars have stolen one trillion dollars from our nation for nothing, including the lives of so many brave young men. The senate is watching costs in printing.
One other tibid: The National Literacy Month ended in April, maybe we should give it another try - for the remedial students...and the senate.

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