Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Environmental Hope and $More

I was watching my local news here in Florida and a report featured an innovative US technology company called Ecosphere Technologies. The CEO, Dennis McGuire is a fan of Jacques Cousteau. He modeled his company on Cousteau's environmental thinking. This small firm has been around for ten years and it is dysfunctional in nature. On one hand, it has amazing patented solutions to our ecosystem, but it has been an underachiever in impacting society and financial returns.
In any event I got excited when I heard that its Ozonix System does not use chemicals to treat contaminated water. The report showed the company using this system to clean up a marina in Martin County Florida.
The marina had been in the news last week because it was closed for the Fourth of July with this green slime in the bay with its awful odor. ESPH(stock symbol) says its patented technology will clean it up without chemicals which could harm the ecosystem.
I did some research. As you know I do not usually give out stock recommendations because I will feel doubly in pain if the stock tanks. ESPH is a penny stock and on the BB which should scare almost anyone away, however it takes time for small capitalized companies to make their mark. This will be the week whereby we know if ESPH can conquer the problem of algae bloom and odors from waterways.
In addition, the company has many other patents like its Power Cube which won the science award for Science Innovator of the year in 2014. This solarized portable center can be set up anywhere in the world, especially in locations off the grid. It is used to pump water in arid climates where there is no infrastructure. Amazing!
They have a host of other systems and solutions for agriculture, manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, sewage and of course, water. They have medical solutions for bacteria control and disinfection.
You could say that maybe this small firm is trying to do too much with so little capital. Nevertheless, if they are successful in this water test, they will not only help the environment, but your pocketbook too. I don't think a small investment will crush anyone and in a way our support of the company will be like partnering with the ecosystem.
For $1,000
I'm all-in, but I'll wait to see if this company can pass the test of the algae infected marina before I commit.