Monday, January 21, 2013

Inauguration:A Closer Look At OUR Democracy...L&C

Today, the reelection of President Obama became official. Senator Schumer(Dem.New York) was the M.C. of the affair. He, along with others praised our system that continues without conflict. A peaceful change of power and position in the state. They didn't mention that all members of Congress are rich. They are barely of the people, by the people in name only and do very little for the people.
The President spoke about the evolution of society that is a journey which is still a work in progress. I agree with that totally, however after four years of rhetoric, most of us know better than to put any credence in him because he is just another politician with promises for position and never completes the deal. He, like the other political party, signs executive orders for laws that are not passed by Congress which violates our constitution. He appeases;he doesn't lead. Spins the facts;not a statesman. To the tune of the great old Do-Wop song, MAYBE that is why I'm so hard on him. There is no change only status quo.
Maybe, that is why the crowd in attendance was less than half the first election. Maybe, the final popular vote showed the President received 15% less votes than his first campaign. Maybe, if you analyze the results, you realize that roughly only 21% of the population took part in the democratic process that wanted him to be reelected. It was only 19% of the voting population that wanted a return to the Republicans. In other words more than 60% of the total population didn't want either candidate and this, dear readers, is the root problem with our democracy.
Almost 320 Million
in our country. Obama received 69 million votes while Romney got 59 million. Do the math! Almost 200 million of us want better representation! Keep in mind that at least half of the votes for each candidate would come any way due to party affiliation. Our democracy is no democracy at all. We don't have any choices. This is why there is voter apathy. This is why I write my blog.

The journey is not complete until lobbyist and self-interest are exposed daily in the media(see L&C below). The journey is not complete until the military complex is silenced and we once again become a peaceful nation. The journey is not complete until families are protected. The journey is not complete until workers are protected. The journey is not complete until we return to the concepts of the Founding Fathers who wanted a gold backed currency. The journey is not complete until we protect our citizens chance for social mobility, so that we can be the best that we can be. Until the we end the Fed!
Liars and Crooks: One of the reasons why Mr.Smith Does Not Go To Washington is the fact that these liars and crooks do things differently than what we are taught in school about our system. One aspect is the filibuster. Tomorrow, our senate will take up the procedure process associated with this process. Do you realize that these bums have as a policy rule on voting for bills that can kill any subject matter, simply by stating that as a senator, I oppose this with a right to filibuster. Now, get this. This DING-DONG does not have to be present. His vote is electronic with no reason or name matched to it. It is possible that a lobbyist is meeting with this senator, makes a political donation, as the senator calls in the favor immediately, killing any real debate to the subject at hand. This is how our democracy works which is so sad that the founding fathers must be turning over in their graves.