Thursday, July 28, 2011

DEBT CEILING? Psuedo Political Parties...and LIARS and CROOKS

You are probably tired of hearing all the commotion with our government and its lack of ability to balance income(revenues)with spending(military and federal workers, entitlements like social security, medicare, etc.). I think one should look deeper into the psyche of this situation and put it as a reflection of priorities and purpose of these elected officials. The question is more than a battle over this issue because if our nation was to default, it not only would create doubt about our present debt( roughly $4.5 trillion)being held by foreign governments, but any investor both domestic and foreign who holds any assets like T-Bills, US Bonds, whatever the denomination or length of time. It gets worse. This doubt would give rise to the question: how could a nation which defaulted be the world's reserve currency? Folks, if we were to lose our status as the world's reserve currency, well, gasoline would double in price, food would rise another 50% and the connected aspects of these rises would be a disease that would affect every product and service. Unemployment would easily pass 20% and for the 48.2 million Americans collecting food stamps, you will starve by the middle of the next month. You see, by being able to print we are the only country who does not feel the pain for not being able to balance its checkbook. It could get even worse than the last two sentences. So, if our so-called "leaders" understand the ramifications of the debt ceiling, why can't they at least extend it without all the fighting, after all President Reagan for example, extended the debt ceiling on average, more than once every six months of his two-term administration. By the way it also shows you how little or accurate their figures are for our economy with them in control of the checkbook, however an even more sinister aspect of the debt ceiling debate is the "free time" that the president receives to go on national television and state his case without opposition. He can prepare his speech to sway public opinion whether he actually believes or will fight for the theme of his spending or cutting of programs.
Dueling Debt Bills
The first to appear in the news was the Simpson/Bowles Bipartisan Commission in December. It got attacked by both political parties. Funny, President Obama submitted his budget only two months previous to the findings and he displayed so little with their work. This is what directed me to look at the issue differently. The president, now gets free TV time to basically build up his presidency without spending a nickle. Just like his campaign back in 2008, he says all the right things, but history proves actions speak louder than words. Let's review - he did not end the wars, in fact extended them when you consider Libya. In addition, in his campaign he railed against Bush deficit spending, I guess he beat Bush in that category. He said he was for First Payer in the health program and he passes a law nothing like it. His law will make all young people criminals because they must have health insurance after they turn eighteen. Yeah, what kid looks forward with his first job to buy health insurance. Who wants a car anyway? Like I stated, President Obama broke the record with his deficit budget and his stimulus program gets zero results. His leadership ability is minus as he does not even stand up for traditional democratic ideals. He betrayed everyone when behind closed doors he agrees with the Republicans to extend the Bush Tax plan. By the way this tax "break" is really for the rich. People, you do not understand what it means and I'm going to set an example to give you a better picture. There are 145 million workers in the US. If, say I were to give everyone of them a refund check for $1000 dollars, and keep in mind that I know there are over 14 million unemployed and another 17 million underemployed, because I'm trying to make a point how terrible this tax break is for America. The total is $145 billion, but the tax break cost America and it is all in the deficit column, $845 billion. Can you now understand where the other $700 billion went? To the RICH! In just five minutes Obama added almost one trillion dollars to our debt. Of course, the Republicans say this will create jobs. Yeah, can I cut your grass, Master? ...Now, back to free TV time. The "gang of six" have a debt plan as does the House Speaker Boehner as well as the House itself. Senator Reid has a plan, as well as Senator McConnell and just about every member because they can have their free TV time to say, "see I tried, it's the other party." The President says he is willing to compromise. Funny, the House plan was passed last week, but Obama wants the senate to kill it. Why? It puts forth an amendment that says every budget must be balanced. Talk about hypocrisy!
Wall Street banks are the new American oligarchy - a group that gains political power because of its economic power, and then uses that political power for its own benefit. You doubt? By 2007 the debt held by the financial sector grew over $36 trillion, or 259 percent of our GDP. Both political parties enlist Wall Street executives for key positions of power, especially from Goldman Sachs. In the last election Obama's top donators with access included Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, UBS and Morgan Stanley. A top individual donator: George Soros.
Now, the Republican side. John McCain's list has, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse Group(foreign), Bank of America and yes, George Soros. Funny, it looks the same and that's where our tax break money goes - it goes to maintain the status quo. We have no accessinternet is our only communication to let each other know that we are out there. It shows our ears are listening. By the way if my book ever gets published, I do have a plan that will save Social Security and it won't cost the taxpayer one cent. I say that because even though Medicare needs retooling, I am for social security.
LIARS and CROOKS: This one is beyond believe. It's worse than a liar and crook. It is TREASON!
This is the story. An illegal in Texas, Jose Medellin along with eight other illegals kidnapped two young American girls off the street while they were walking home. They were sodomized and raped and left dead. He was caught and he confessed. Guess what? Since he was an illegal, he was told that he had a right to speak to the Mexican council which at the time, he did not know or do. His lawyer appealed. The Supreme Court upheld the conviction, but President Bush comes to his rescue. Bush has his attorney general fight and receive another Supreme Court case. Why? Bush wanted the court to free the man because Bush wanted international law to supersede our law. Bush did not care that the man was guilty; he wanted  to set a precedent for his economic globalization plan which makes North America an economic zone with a new currency, the "amero." This has been second by the ex-Mexican President, Vicente Fox on the LARRY KING LIVE Show. Bushs' plan would lose our sovereignty along with all our jobs. Praise God! Bush lost the case and the court upheld the conviction for a second time, however this story demonstrates that our leaders are determined to run globalization down our throats until we are all depended upon the government for everything except FREEDOM!
"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." - Plato.
"When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to DISSOLVE the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. - Declaration of Independence. JFL.