Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bush Gets a Library?!****...L&C

In 331 Alexander the Great placed Ptolemy in charge of building a new city in Egypt after he conquered that nation with the main intention of developing a new library. Alexander recognized the achievements of the Middle East states and a East/West blending for knowledge would be ideal. The Library of Alexandria would be the best in the world until some small minds destroyed it. In the US, the Library of Congress in Washington is the world's largest library and it is a great source of information for our citizens. Last week in Dallas a new library was opened complete with a museum named and dedicated to George W. Bush. This reflects the current sad state of affairs in our country in my opinion. I will give you my reasons. If you still want to see it, well, this is still a free(somewhat)country.
*It took a Supreme Court ruling for Bush to(steal)win the presidential election in 2000.
*He was visiting an elementary grade school when agents informed him that the first plane hit the World Trade Center with two other unaccountable planes in the air. He froze like a deer in headlights. He could have said something to the children like being the president means a 24/52 job. Excused himself with a promise to return when things are better. Did he? Nope!
*He passed laws that weakened capital requirements for banks and we all know what 2008 bought.
*He changed the Visa Immigration rules which allowed foreigners jobs over Americans.
*He gutted environmental rules, veterans' affairs and safety regulations.
*He passed the unfunded $550b prescription benefit plan to capture the senior vote for 2004 and still, there was a voting problem in Ohio which(can you believe lighting strikes twice)gave him the win.
*tax cuts for the rich which greatly expanded the national deficit
*lied about weapons of mass destruction to start a war with Iraq because as a president you have a legacy and to win a war means a good legacy. However, this mission had no real plan and it is still not accomplished irregardless of Obama claiming the war is over.
*stated that he would balance the budget by his second term. Didn't. He hid the cost of the two wars off the books. His deficits were off the charts until the democrats recaptured the office and reclaimed the throne of spend kings.
*Patriot Act, approved torture and so much more, but of course the next is top of the list.
*deficits don't matter! The mantra of his administration. Someday, we may lose our currency as the world's reserve because of his and Obama's recklessness. If that day comes, there will be many more homeless and more than the present 47 million who use food stamps. Maybe they will let you into his library?
This library was paid for by donations(kickbacks?). Can you believe this? This library expands government spending as it is placed under the Department of National Parks. I thought Republicans want to shrink government?
When President Bush left office, his favorable rating was 23%. Today, it is 46%. They didn't ask me. I gave him 3%. One for his help to African nations with the aids problem. The other two were immediately after the 9/11 disaster when he appeared in public at Ground Zero and at Yankee Stadium.
Presidents have to make tough decisions and Bush says his library will show that along with the bullhorn that he spoke through at Ground Zero. I feel that these presidential libraries should be used to remember when presidents made the right decisions. Can you hear me or do I need a bullhorn?
Liars and Crooks:This week I will make a prediction. I see the stock market having a strong correction. People will ask the president for action, but Congress is in gridlock. The president will do the dog and pony act of foreign affairs. He will look to enact TPP(Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership). This is a SECRET plan that all the affected nations will clamor to enact because like Cafta and Nafta, we will end up with the Shaft-Ya. The next schedule talks are in Lima,Peru from May 15 to the 24th, however that is too soon for the correction to have any effect. The president will bring this up at the end of summer, give or take time reference.