Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Played "KICK the CAN!"...L&C

The world received the news last week that the "deal" with Greece has finally been done. The pundits reviewed the pros and cons of the deal which could actually unwind because the administrators could face a new government in Greece who could derail the plan. Fret not! I not going there. However I'd like to address the cliche that is used to describe the solution for the problem, which is debt(can)and by rolling it over, they delay a day of reckoning by moving the time table down the road.
Bronx Street Wise
As a kid I actually played the game called, "Kick the Can." The idea was to get some sad sack to chase down everyone else while they hid and sometimes with street emotions and outlets, would call out the idiot, names and more until he found everyone with the last person being "it" for the next game which the big guys would grow tired of and forget that, so as to speak. They would go home. However, there was another option and this will relate to Greece. It is called the "BUMS RUSH!" The idea behind this option was the last remaining guys would all charge the "it" person at the same time whereas he could not call out the individuals quick enough and as a result someone would kick his hand while holding the can, which sent the can flying, him crying and everyone else, was free to start all over again with the same idiot chasing everybody and the game begins again from the start.
Debt Solution
There is none. To make investors "take" a voluntary haircut is damaging in many ways. Investors will wise up and won't risk their money in future bonds. Investors who bet with derivatives on the outcome. They won't receive anything because of the loophole in the contract wording "voluntary." They will be hell bent to form a bums rush on the bankers and governments for cheating them(in their thinking). This part has dangerous reprocustions for the market in the future. Greece, their government leaders and people will eventually feel abused by the austerity measures. Words are already flying between the Greek President and the German finance minister. Germans still feel cheated as they have to work until age 67 for retirement as opposed to 50, the early retirement in Greece among other pension aspects like health insurance. This also affects the other European members as well as the rest of the world as they read and compare their own standard of living. Finally, there is no plan to help Greece to grow out of the debt and this can has lead in it with the weight of debt that everyone is just going to say, forget that and go home.
Going Home
Four players "moved" out of the neighborhood and they won't be playing anymore. Grubb & Ellis, CyberDefender went to bankruptcy. Home Saving of America and Central Bank of Georgia both failed last week.
LIARS and CROOKS: Last week saw Congress agree to the tax cut(working plan) and to extend unemployment benefit insurance. Did anyone ask where the money came from? I'll tell you. They took the money from the social security revenues like they always have done for the past 50 years which is the real reason why the fund is almost broke. Apparently, they do not know the rules and consequences of kick the can.