Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ode to the Beat Goes On

Oh, the joy of walking again makes me feel like singing...Oh, what a lovely world...

500K protested in Hong Kong about the influence of power by China on their lives
the demonstration on the news that same evening by the Chinese media only
mentioned that 100K voiced their displeasure because they cannot understand all the benefits
from the mainland.
And The Beat Goes On...

The US stock market breaks new records every week
experts praise the recovery, talking heads agree
I ask why GDP was negative 2.9% in the 1st quarter?
and the second has already been down-graded too.
And The Beat Goes On...

The EU will not allow its member nations to suffer
a negative cycle. They will unlock new job growth with
the oldest profession and drug usage will grow GDP
under health care to a "high" of 3%.
And The Beat Goes On...

Be near your friends, but keep your enemy closer
says an ancient China master which explains why a
German official sold secrets to US intelligence. I only
wonder who is the friend and who is the enemy?
And The Beat Goes On...

Last blog before I was hit by a GMC, SUV stated
GM recalled 3m cars and today, it is up to 28 million.
Hey, the SUV only had skid marks and it felt strong
my ankle not so good under wear & tear.
And The Beat Goes On...

BMW, Honda, Toyota and Chrysler too, all joined the recall
even Facebook crashed the party to generate revenue
Twitter, Google will not be left behind
media revenues is up, causes are down.
And The Beat Goes On...

Been three years since Fukushima, but radiated water
still spills into the Pacific. A "genius" has the answer,
build an ice wall ring to contain the leaks. Nothing like
frozen water to dam the flow of running water.
And The Beat Goes On...

Economic pundits confirm the Fed, inflation is dead.
I see different signs: eggs up 15%, coffee up 10%,
diary up 37% even with subsidized manipulation.
gas up 12%, grains up 10%, pork up 40% and beef
is off the charts, so says the writing on the subway walls.
And The Beat Goes On...

Planes down in Ukraine, tanks roll in Gaza
girls gone in Nigeria and candidates
disappear in Egypt. Boats play roller derby
in the China Sea and drive-by shootings in the USA
And The Beat Goes On...

Obama used amnesty for the Hispanic vote,
didn't see the consequences on the border today,
tomorrow or the next. No one acts like send them
on a bus to Mexico, at least they speak the same
And The Beat Goes On...

We know who won the All-Star game, World Cup
as Johnny Football waits in the wings, but no one
understands the Fed as Yellen yells, low rates are good
for the economy and manana will yell, high rates are
good for the economy.
And The Beat Goes On...

Harry Dent and I criticize the Fed, as Yellen quotes Greenspan,
" way to identify a bubble until it bursts. It's better to clean
up the damage, then try to deflate the bubble in advance."
That B.S. almost causes a skip, but fear not she's got the needle.
And The Beat Goes On...

Who ya gonna call when ya hungry and no food to eat?
Climate, prices up, dollar value down.
Does anyone ask explains the Fed?
And The Beat Goes On...

For people who live where the wind comes sweeping down the
plains, say they never heard of local earthquakes until
fracking came to town. The rigs are ahead of the quakes
which hit 200 with the last count.
And The Beat Goes On...

Great news for democracy as elections proceeded
in Afghanistan except one-quarter of the nation
was deemed unsafe for voting. We think we have a
winner, but first let's check the absentees as someone
saw Miami, Florida in the lower right hand corner.
And The Beat Goes On...

Need a job? Don't fret. Politicians are at work.
Only two states had gambling in 1988 and today,
we got 39 with a lot of upside. Check your local
chamber after the mid-term graft.
And The Beat Goes On...

"Mara, Marijuana" sang the chorus in 1969 at
Woodstock. Finally made it to number one in
Colorado and Washington too. Politicians are
at work. 90% upside. Check your chamber
after the mid-term graft.
And The Beat Goes On...

Quiet secret of outsourcing by Boeing who
never said this before the union vote, the
fuselage is made in Japan. At least they have a
conscious. Worry if Brazil or China wins the
contract. This is so good it gets another stanza.

We have fallen buildings and crumbling roads
due to cheap cement. We have split bridges, due to
lack of repairs. Will parachutes be the
new airline fee if Japan loses its fuselage fee?
And The Beat Goes On...

Sadly, Malaysia Air suffers another blow,
but the Netherlands face a deadly role.
Will 134 of its own invoke sanctions worth
$134b? Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.
And The Beat Goes On...

Turn the record over to the flip-side. I can't
take it anymore as Snowden ponders a tune with
his stay expiring in thirty days. Will this be the deal
behind all the tragedy?
And The Beat Goes On...

Can Dream Catcher answer NASA's call?
Or will a trampoline bounce us to the
space station? Never enough dough, says the
military which could end the peaceful venture.
Why don't they play Lennon's mantra?

Because they want to hear
And The Beat Goes On...