Sunday, February 3, 2013


...that says it all. This game is our cultural holiday and like it is known that God rested on the seventh day but no one knows the reason why. HE wanted to watch football!
I'm not happy about all the commercialization of the game. By that I mean the changing of the rules to allow more points, to speed up the action and the money flowing around what is no longer a game, but a business. Nevertheless, it is still the last competitive event that gives every team an equal chance to win.
If you look at basketball, you see the worse of money into a sport. How can you allow a top player to leave a team with no compensation? The ref's almost determine a game's outcome through the foul line. It is so phony, it is like wrestling. The bottom teams are the minor leagues for the top teams, especially the Lakers who just picked up the best point guard and center to add to Kobe&Co. which was another corrupt draft situation to bring Kobe to the team.
The only other sport that can say that is hockey, but then again, the ref's influence it...a lot.
Believe it or not baseball gives all teams a chance. You can argue that the Yankees buy players and they dominate the game, but they do not win every year. Yes, they contend and rightfully so, spoken like a Bronx Bomber, but the winner is usually out of left field.
Bottom line: this is a great day to spend with family and friends whether you like the sport or sports at all because love is the highest stage to life.
Oh yea, GO NINERS!