Thursday, September 18, 2014

IPhone 6=Sucker List

"The new phone is out!" "It's got a bigger screen, sleek design, and you can choose color options."

- Ad Media

"Stupid is as stupid does"

- Forrest Gump

People, you need to get off this stupid train. Wake up! Get out of your funk! You are being led like sheep and phone manufacturers are clipping your wallet every other year, not to mention your monthly service bill.
Deja Vu
I have seen this before as a selling technique in many areas of our economy from automobiles to the record industry. Executives use you to develop their product. They no longer use testing and research labs. You are the lab!
People, it is just a phone and in that aspect, not very good. Consider the original from Ma Bell. You never lost a connection, the product lasted a lifetime and if some pain-in-the-ass called you during dinner to sell you a subscription to some useless timeshare in the middle of no where, you could have the pleasure to bang the phone against the wall as hard as you could, so the caller on the other end could feel your pain. Now, that was an app!
You can't do or say that about any of the above with todays product.
*Yes, it has internet....but it strains your eyes.
*Yes, you can listen to music anywhere with your earplugs....but that damages your ears.
*Yes, you can now pay bills with your phone, buy things and more....until someone hacks it, steals all your money or worse, identity.
*Yes, you can do email...yeah, you get to do work that follows you everywhere you go all day long.
*Yes, you can use it as a planner, see movies, get directions, and so much more.
No argument there. The technology is great....but the question of cancer with more powerful phones has never been truly answered.
If, after you purchased your first smart phone, why do you need another one?
Because the product, the phone itself was not perfected. The CEOs knew it had kinks, but why wait? Why hold production? Why lose profits? So, they sell what they had to you, dear reader. Then, like now, they will add new apps to check how many calories you "walked off" during your workout. In two years the new phone will read the calorie intake from the menu of your local restaurant and the pre-order will let the CEO how many phones he will manufacture before they add the next app in the IPhone 10.
Deja Vu Again
I grew up with the same executive thinking in the record industry. We use to have albums and signal called a forty-five. This lasted until new technology gave executives the 8-track.They, then sold the old songs on this new device. Then, as technology advanced, they switched to the cassette and this gave executives a new form to sell the old songs in this new system. Finally, it evolved to disks and yes again, executives put the old songs on the new delivery system.
Hey, those guys learned from the auto execs in the fifties. Even though GM had over 50% market share in those days, the need for greed held priority. Executives came up with the idea of "planned obsolescence." This means that they knew and planned for their product to break down after a period of time, so the consumer would have to make a new purchase. Then, CEOs cut cost by cutting engineering. They relied upon advertising. The "pin stripe" was their greatest innovation. Putting stripes on a car made them look cool and unique. So, instead of improving quality, executives sold design with a new stripe. No wonder the Japanese and German car manufacturers were able to take market share from US builders.
People, can you see my point? Sorry, about the rant, but you got a phone. You don't need a new one. Don't get caught up with the Joneses' who purchased a new gadget. Save your money for something that you truly need or desire.