Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Best Soldiers, But Worse Led

As an ex-GI, I have inside experience. Our guys are brave and honorable. However, we have leaders who just want this and that, but they have no idea what it takes to achieve this and that. In addition, there are good and poor leaders which is nothing more than a reflection of society with the same attributes. The next budget calls for over $580 B for the military. In addition, many of the other categories in the budget is related to the military. One would think that these Pentagon administers know what they are doing and that they have a vision for the future. One would be wrong. Just gander over the following list and believe me, there are many more examples of their incompetence.
* Army ended their Combat Helicopter System with a loss of $18.1 B.
* Army ended their Rach- 66 Helicopter with another $7.9 B loss.
* Air Force replaced their Environment Sat System with DWSS, but that too was cancelled, losing $5.8B.
* Air Force dropped their Laser research with another $5.2 B loss.
* Marine dropped their Presidential Helicopter and took $3.7 B loss.
* Army dropped their self-propelled howitzer. It was replaced by another system which was also cancelled. The Army wasted another $2.2 B.
* Marine dropped their Fighting Vehicle and lost another $3.3 B.
* Air Force stopped their Multi-Sensor Airship, but took a $1.9 B loss.
* Air Force dropped their Infrared System and took another $1.5 B hit.
* Navy ended their Seal System. It was replaced by the Joint Submersible, but that too was cancelled. Another $.6 B down the drain.
* Army dropped their Helicopter Recon and replaced it with drones. Taxpayers lost another $.5 B.
* Army / Navy dropped their Aerial Sensor study and lost another $.4 B.
* Navy dropped its Cruiser and another $.2 B.
* Air Force dropped its Rescue Helicopter another $.2 B.
* Army ended its Bomber fiasco and another $18.1 B of our money. It is now the Long Range Strike-Bomber and another long-range financial loss for all our citizens.
Together, all these mishaps reflect their leadership or should I say lack of leadership. Our service branches added another $69.4 B to our national debt.
Bad and Really Bad
The above is sad and I would speculate some corruption, but the following borders on treason. Sadly, no charges are files or pending. This will show the truth behind the title to this piece. In 2014, just as ISIS was surfacing, our military made an unforgiving blunder. This mishap provided this terrorist organization the weapons to become a force in the Middle East. The Iraqi army disserted an insolation that the US just resupplied and all of what I can gather became ammo for the enemy. We supplied them the weapons of their success. They confiscated the following:
* 2,300 Humvee's = $16 M
* 40 Abron tanks = $172M
* 52 Howitzers = $2.7 M
* 74,000 machine guns = $29 M
* Not to mention that ISIS was able to control oil operations and actually sell in the market.
* Hack into the department of Personal Management and collect info on government employees. Keep in mind that the budget provided money for cyber-security, but this shows the incompetence of the so-called military leaders.  = $ Countless.
These guys have a disease. They go to bed crying, "I want..." and they wake up calling, "Give me..." I know a cure, have them lead a patrol...on point!