Wednesday, June 29, 2016

My Rant On Brexit

- "People talkin' about us
    They got nothin' else to do
    When it all comes down
    We will still come through..."
- Eagles

You know it takes real courage to follow your convictions
Get out of your comfort zone and
face an uncertain future.
Tipping my hat to the brave souls that wanted sovereignty of their nation
That overcame eons of conflict between Catholics and Protestants to realize
that both are Christians, that both are part of the culture and at the same time,
wanted to protect that legacy.
They risked the threats of the entire world.
Going to the rear of the line, unemployed and staring into a dark tunnel.
The powers-to-be hit their currency, banks and more.
That the losers wouldn't respect the vote, calling for another test.
Looking for loopholes and world leaders saying,
"That the English are deluding themselves."
That is their story - what will be ours?

- Who's gonna make it, we'll find out in the long run..."

We are dominated by two political parties that do nothing for its citizens. On rare occasions we get an insight to elite thinking like on Brexit. Here is one, "It's always a dangerous thing when you leave democracy to the people." How about this one, "If voting mattered, we wouldn't let them do it."
Now, in our coming election we get to choose the lesser of two evils.
Hillary is despised by half of her parties constituents. Trump is hated by all of his party leaders.
Hillary says, "She's fighting for us." Here is her bio: In her 30 years, we know the Clinton's are approachable by anyone with MONEY! Her husband gave us Nafta and Cafta. We got the Shafta! Ross Perot was right. That shushing sound is, "lost jobs going over the border." She will push for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) even though at the moment she says she's against it. She will kill the last of our manufacturing. She cannot claim one thing that she accomplished for our nation except be in a coalition that placed handicap children in our public schools even though the schools were not equipped to teach and service them. The idea was correct, but the resolution wasn't. She will be just like Obama who said, "I'm for First Payer!" and we got Big Pharma - sell out! He promised to end the Middle East wars. We got eight more years of it. She will let the military complex run hog wild and our deficits will be worse than ever. If she wins, I predict more wars, higher deficits and a recession.
The only thing that Trump says that has any merit is the ending of the rip-off of globalization. He implies that he will protect American production and jobs. However, I cannot fully trust any Republican because the GOP really means, "Guardian of Privilege." I want to believe. I think that he is the lesser of the two evils, but I can't.
Together, this means that as citizens we need to find a way to form a new political party that will represent what the people really want - peace and prosperity. It can be done as we can take strength from the British vote.
It means the foremost point of this party should be to get back the sovereignty of our nation. To drop the WTO which mandates to us what we can produce, how much we can produce and at what price. The party should return to our Founding Fathers advice: no foreign entanglements like NATO and SEATO. We determine the number of immigrants according to our economic needs and abilities. We are for trade, but no blank agreements. Each trade is on its own merit. Speaking of our trading partners, Dangerfield had the answer, "No respect!" Globalization gives us: Invading species that destroy our environment, VW that poisons our air, China that poisons our pet food and all manipulate their currency to steal our jobs and lower our standard of living.
Give Peace A Chance
We want peace. All we get is endless wars that steals half of our budget, puts all of us in deep debt, while killing our youth. The military complex, this "deep state" has been wrong about every endeavor from Korea to today. Our standard of living has gone from first and now, we are not even in the top 20. Instead of war that money could have rebuilt our infrastructure, create jobs, improve education and lower our debt. This is how we obtain prosperity. It begins with peace.
We need to end the FED! Again, a return to the thinking of our founding fathers. We may not have the ability to return to a gold standard, but the Greeks taught us that all things go in transition. We need to start the change and leading the way will be a balanced budget by law. In addition, we need the courage to admit that we have many needs, but the above is the cornerstone to this new party.
By the way there are other, smaller political parties in America. The largest is the Libertarians. They want less government and less regulation. Do you know what that means? Every tree will be cut down, leaving a forest of stumps. Every waterway will be on fire due to pollution. No national parks. They are even against social security, but so were the Republicans at one time.They forget that if one man can kill another, what chance does nature have? Man will succumb to the siren call for riches like many of our doctors who dropped the Hippocratic oath for a new code: the greenback. They commit fraud on programs intended to do good as they line their pockets, stealing from us all because their resolve is weak.
Sadly, we had an example in England. Just prior to the vote. a man killed an outspoken opponent to Brexit. That poor soul could have just spoken his ideas like she did with the bottom line being a neutral vote and the citizens choosing between the two ideas. It is called, "Free speech." This blog is a good example of our founding fathers thinking. However, he ends up being like a terrorist who he believed could be hiding among the immigrants when in reality the terrorist was in his soul.
Let the Eagles take us out:
- Well, we're scared
   But we ain't shakin'
   We're kind of bent
   But we ain't breakin'