Saturday, November 6, 2010

Veteran's Day...a Call Back for a Call Down

VETERAN'S, we need you one more time. In this call to duty I'm asking you to do battle against the real enemy - the military complex. These bureaucratic generals have systematically divided our country both literally and figuratively. By the way I do not include the VA in this beat down. The VA people go beyond the call of service by providing the best service that they can achieve even in the face of opposition due to economic restraints. I direct your attention to the Pentagon, NSA, TSA and all the beneficiaries of our front line soldiers who gain economic benefits while real Americans suffer loss of limb, PTSD and death.
Military Complex have locked up all the Southern legislature votes because military bases mean income and jobs in their states. By carefully choosing defense contracts in various other states or building offices in states that do not provide military weapons, the military have ensured their status quo and our nation has become a bully in the world. This goes against the thinking of our Founding Fathers who agreed that entanglements equates to loss of freedom. George Washington highlighted this point in his Farewell Address.
Other actions like limiting journalists to military campaigns, ending the draft to end peace protests and "emergency" proclamations which circumvent democratic decision making have all but ensured their power grab. We will need your voices to our government which will require a Profiles in Courage  vote stop these mad, greedy, short-sighted men from destroying our nation not from outside forces, but economically as the military owns the budget and it is through their wastefulness of resources that we find ourselves in economic turmoil. The military owns the media and through it have brain washed our citizens about dangers to the public like terrorism which only puts more stars on undeserving shoulders and squanders out future.
This is the same scenario that destroyed modern Russia not Reagan, the same for England, the same for Germany, the same for France, the same for ancient Greece or Rome.
A quick review of our military since  WWll.
In Korea the Chinese flew their Russian built Migs from China and attacked our troops. What did the military do when they already had the atomic bomb? NOTHING! Why did they continue the course of acquiring more bombs when they were afraid to use them? That war is technically not over, however the stupidity of thinking remains.
Viet Nam was a call to war because the "domino theory" in Southeast Asia was needed to stop Communism. We got ten years of death because of this LIE.
By creating a professional military we ended peace protests, developed indifference at the polls which the status quo loves and set up the small war concept that maintains power. Think Grenada or Panama. How about the lie of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq? Everything that they have said is a lie and all they do is keep spinning more lies clouding our judgement.
No More Wars! Return our nation to the thinking of our Founding Fathers. We are not the police force for the world. Our mission is to promote the general welfare. Our Founders set our nation on a peaceful course, and we can express this together in song, "GIVE PEACE A CHANCE" or in this universal prayer: Lead me from death to life, from falsehood to truth. Lead me from despair to hope, from fear to trust. Lead me from hate to love, from war to peace. Let peace fill my heart, my world, my universe. Amen. 

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