Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Layers Need A "CODE" ...Predictions for 2011

Hippocratic Oath, No! ...Just Hypocrites

One of the biggest problems that effects our nation is the fact that over 90% of  Congress are lawyers, but no one addresses this caste system. This group should be nothing more than high priced clerks, however they have weaseled themselves into writing all our laws and basically, running our country. Lawyers need a Hippocratic oath, a code that says what is right goes before my client. Doctors take an oath to heal, but lawyers just want to win, whether justified or not. This is why we have loopholes. When someone says this is against the law, it does not apply to all. No, doesn't mean no and always seems to always have another option. Every law needs to be looked at and reviewed to justify that it is in the best interest of the nation has a whole and not satisfying a lobbyist request. How can companies commit felonies and still operate in the public domain? How can fracking under gas drilling be legal when toxic chemicals are included and are hidden from the public? Water is becoming contaminated because lawyers have no code or conscience. This group needs to be knocked down a few notches and one way is to make them accountable for every law that they write that turns out to be false statements.
Prediction for 2011
It will be the year that states will openly seek federal money to cover state revenue deficits. In the past states have always received federal money under different programs like stimulus, highway construction, pork barrel earmarks, grants, etc. Then, states covered their individual cities basically, doing the same concepts. The problem is that everyone is in the same dire straights and taking from Peter to give to Paul ends. I cannot wait to see how the phony conservative Republicans address this issue, since they were elected to cut government spending and shrink the federal deficit.
This won't be the first time that state governments went into default. In fact, in 1841 eight states and one territory - Florida, defaulted. A resolution to bail out the states was vetoed in Congress in 1843 because more money would only make states more reckless.
Today, California needs $25 billion, Illinois and New York need $10 billion each and on and on. It is on-and-on because the money needed to cover state budget gaps does not even include the unfunded state employee pension plans which balloons the sum total to $1.3 trillion. I see a new spending/bond program for a coalition of states to get them by in the future. Happy New Year!
P.S. I see and ironically, the US dollar rallying which will be good for the poor and middle class because our dollar will buy more making food and energy cheaper. This will result from the sovereign debt problems in Europe. Gold will have a down first half of the year, but that will be a great buying opportunity, if you can understand the long-term implications of our national debt and what that will do to the purchasing power of the dollar. Housing will suffer another leg down and then, it will begin to stabilize. Labor will continue to suffer until the lie of free trade is revealed. It originates from aristocratic thinking which is anti-democratic and thus, anti-American. We only will return to prosperity when we provide some layer of protectionism for our nation. That fact alone mandates a need for a new political party. a party that follows the thinking of Jefferson and Madison.

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