Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Coming Cannibalization...and LIARS and CROOKS

Need a Haircut
It has been a long time since I was in history class in high school, but I bet they still don't say that the riots in Watts in 1965 actually began in the late 1950s when our nation received its first haircut as small industry lost-out because jobs were not protected as they went to Japan, Korea and Europe to stabilize those governments against communism. I bet they just say it was the affects of discrimination within our society. Well, folks, prepare for our next haircut. Yes, it begins with the housing crisis. You see, housing and jobs associated with it, began with the G.I. Bill. As more and more of our factories were closed and the lies of free trade flourished, the resort fullness of the American character showed itself to develop the service sector in our economy. The jobs did not pay well, but you were self-sufficient which is one of our values. This sector as politicians cite is responsible for two-thirds of our economy, but the housing crisis put the kabox on this whole sector and related businesses. Today, at this moment, we face a new danger, cannibalization. In our copy-cat world which is reflected many times by our movie industry,
CONTAGION is coming.
This new flick will be like another movie based on a true story where a plane crashes on snow covered mountain and the survivors eat the flesh of the dead passengers in order to live. When we exit the latest full lent feature, we will live a new nightmare of desperation within the culture which will result in a cannibalistic atmosphere.
There are many signs from "flash mobs" to hedge funds on Wall Street and in the actual board rooms themselves. We are seeing parts of society pick-up that first rock.
Gasoline to High
Oil speculation has caused all of us to pay more for gasoline to the tune of .40 cents-per-gallon. For instance Nymex noticed that speculators had in May of 2008, 849,472 contracts which holds 849 million barrels of oil, which is 10 times the world's daily production, and 18 times bigger than the "futures stockpile." The number of contracts held by Nymex traders rose from 850,000 in 2003 to 2,700,000 in 2008. One small hedge fund, Vitol had control over 57.7 million barrels in June 2008, three times the USA's daily needs and 11% of the futures market. They are not the only sinners, sovereign wealth funds play the same game and since oil government nations control 85 percent of the market, I believe collusion and manipulation is in play. Like I mentioned in previous articles, our oil majors actually need help and although that sounds hypocritical to say, Exxon which makes $100 million dollars every day needs help, and yet, by helping them, it helps all of us. They do keep prices stable. The oil producing nations are cannibalizing the industry and the resources for the future which will cause conflict among the oil importing nations to seek and control oil for their economies.
Revenues and Desperate Actions
In New York recent legislation has divided street walking into two lanes. One lane is for tourists and the other for native New Yorkers. Get this, if you are in a hurry and you walk fast and you weave throughout the street traffic, well, you are in violation and you will be given a ticket. The city is also considering it a fine to walk and text at the same time. Desperate for revenues, the parking meter is old news. The tolls on bridges and tunnels is BIG MONEY. Can you believe the New York Port Authority? They are raising the already over-priced fees for one-way traffic to enter the city to $17, which will cost anyone $34 to go back-and-forth to work. Oh, yeah, if you get a responder pass, it costs less - today but tomorrow much more. Big brother knows where you are, when you are there and when you move again.
Did Google purchased Motorola's Cell division in a move to dominate the market with better phones and service you ask? Yes, but the patents was the real gem and motivation. They brought protection with the founder to the industry and now, they can turn their sharks loose to litigate against the competition. People in the know say Kodak is next and yes, for the very same reason. A litigation society. We don't turn our engineers and doctors, we turn out lawyers.
The media reports on the latest news in the "Arab Spring" almost every day, but never do they remind you that it started over food inflation and one man's self-sacrifice to illustrate the point in Tunisia. This led to protests which led to picking up that first rock to all out civil war. It is the same structural point in Greece, fighting over jobs and pay that cannot keep up with inflation. They are already past the first rock and Europe has seen riots in England, the burning of "fat cat" cars in Germany and the tragic event in Norway. When people cannot have their voice heard or acknowledge their viewpoint by the powers-to-be, then the move to protest is only the first step. Democracy is only a word and the founders feared that the wealthy would be the only class with time and money to partake in civil affairs. Today, we have a class struggle in the US, although the media which of course is controlled by this class, dismisses. Our government leaders do not come from the poor and middle class and their policies are wiping out the middle class until that line, is just one existing class, being led by the wealthy.
Anti-union, anti-worker
quo. They sponsor the lie of free trade with the alternating power grabs between the tax and spend democrats to the rip-off society no regulation republicans. Democracy is only a word and little-by-little this class is destroying the constitution. Obama care will give young people and families a criminal record for not having health insurance. Soon, they will legislate away guns and only the outlaws will have them. NSA doesn't bother to get warrants, they just listen in on everyone and do whatever they feel inclined to do. The Fed took us off the gold standard and a concept that the founders wrote into our government. Capitalism? It is B.S. The Fed is socialism for the banking industry, wait excuse me, for the big banking industry like Wall Street.
Food Stamps
One in seven Americans are on food stamps and people like Governor Scott of Florida wants you to do community service to collect your unemployment benefits. Little-by-little the wealthy only enact legislation that benefits the haves and the rest of us are have nots. Even PBS, the station of the people is dominated by guests from this class. Recently, in the NEWS HOUR SHOW, Michael Gershon who in talking about the results of the Iowa Straw Poll says, candidates like Ron Paul are radicals and he dismisses this candidate. Radical? Yes, he is against the endless, foolish wars, Yes, he is against fiat money, deficit spending and big government. Yes, he is against the Fed and the destruction of the dollar. Put me down as a radical too! (Please see Liars and Crooks as the connection is uncanny.)
The herd mentality will many times overtake the self-actualized man. The "flash mobs" of young people have surfaced robbing a 7-Eleven in Maryland. There as been various outbreaks in Las Vegas, Wisconsin, D.C. and California. Smash and grab gangs hit jewelry stores almost every day seeking gold and street thieves are snatching gold necklaces off people. In one area of Los Angeles last month there was over one hundred such instances. Our nation will have the 48th anniversary of MLK's speech next Sunday, but years of peace between the races, along with the various new immigrants to the pot could be lost when someone throws that first rock because hope and confidence is gone. I feel this every time that I get a rejection for my book, where is our social mobility? What happened to the American dream? President Obama says he has a new plan and he will reveal it after Labor Day. Yeah, show some urgency and address the jobs problem. No, wait, after I take a vacation in Martha's Vineyard.
LIARS and CROOKS: You heard that Michele Brachmann won the Iowa poll, however I bet that you didn't hear this about her less than 200 votes win ahead of Ron Paul who finished second. All the media did was talk about her win and who else is gonna join the field and who is vacating the push for the Republican nomination. Not a word on Ron Paul's showing. Bachmann put up a big tent with a country-western star to entertain, food and drinks and most importantly, gave out 16,000 tickets which cost $30 apiece, to which you had to present in order to cast your straw poll vote. She spent over one million dollars to win and she barely won. In this sad story I see hope for America. At this point, I am seriously considering casting my vote for Ron Paul. Now, you have the rest of the story...

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