Monday, March 19, 2012

Free Trade with China? Ha!...L&C

There is a world court case coming soon for American Superconductors(AMSC) versus Sinovel Wind Group, a Chinese company over patent infringement, breach of contract and other sins. The problem for AMSC is will it survive its own legal problems stemming from a shareholder Class Action lawsuit pertaining to its stock and company projections.
One or Two Times
for problems with a companies product is understandable, especially with size. However, anything more is a trend. Chinses companies have had serious problems in the past from poisoned dog food, lead in children toys, pirating of merchandise to fraud of licensing agreements. Keep in mind that China demands any company doing business in China to be declared a Chinese company. So, Apple, Ford, Sony, Mercedes, whoever doesn't matter because once they open in China, China says they're Chinese.
Google Warning
Google pulled its operations out of the Chinese mainland due to this clause because China wanted the blueprint code of Google, which and I agree with, Google didn't provide or give in to these demands.
This takes us, dear reader to the latest case involving a Chinese company.
Sinovel Wind Group
Utilizes the technical smarts and products of AMSC. However, they being in China and AMSC being in the US makes the saying,"when the cat is away, the mice will play." Sinovel CEO had the brains of AMSC parts disected and he formed his own Chinese company to copy and duplicate AMSC expertise. He cancelled the remaining orders to the AMSC contract and thus the stock retreated, causing the Class Action suit. One thing leads to another.
End Trade With China
until it straightens out and acts honorably. Do you know the free trade lie about everything including this aspect of the so-called free trade global community? The average tariff in China on American companies is 25%. These people are crooks!  They steal everything! They have more middle class citizens than we have citizens. Protectionism now!
LIARS and CROOKS: This week goes to Helicopter Ben whose aka is "Slicky Ben." He made the banks do a stress test under serious conditions, however the rules were changed which made for results that Ben knew he would receive which is providing the stock market with continued gains. This deception is brillant!
Know the Final
before the game is over. You see with the changes to good part bank/bad bank, market-to-market pricing and what is an asset and what is a liability have all been rewritten to cover the banking industries weakness. If this same test was giving just twenty years ago, ninety percent of the banks would have failed! END THE FED!

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