Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Nation Where Anyone Can Be President?...L&C

Do you remember back in your schooldays when the teacher made that bold statement about America? That defining moment in social studies / history class is becoming another facet of life in modern America that is joining the Dodo bird. It is getting so bad that soon that opportunity will even escape the rich. It will land in the lap of only for billionaires and their descendants.
 When you look at the way the rich have not only lined their pockets at taxpayer's expense, but they have systematically set up laws and agencies to maintain this status quo. I could give examples with B. Born who wanted to structure derivatives, but Greenspan shot her down and the list is endless.
 Who will represent the middle class(if we have any left)and the poor(just about everyone)? The conflict between the workers and those who control production historically centered around the debate whether you were a Republican or Democrat. Today however, President's Obama and Clinton have demonstrated that their door is open to money, big money. The Democrats voted for Bush's tax deductions for the rich, extended the two wars and could add another with Iran, Syria and other hot locations. Does it matter that the "fiscal cliff " is approaching? No one from either party(see they are the same)will ask budget cuts from the military which is the real reason why we have no money left in our budget.
One Month=$100 Million
Yes! That staggering sum was raised by Romney for his campaign in July. Obama came in with a paltry $60 plus million. Can you see the problem here? Big money is dictating the election. When the dust clears and the winner announced, who will come knocking on that door? Not you nor I. We don't have access, time or money. We only offer a vote that is meaningless. Swing states voting matters. The use of big money in these regions to cloud issues, confuse voters, and cause apathy will determine  the outcome. The moden vote only serves the principle that this is how a democracy works. Neither candidate intends to respond to the nation's needs. They will only respond to the people and groups which made their victory possible. Don't believe or accept that? Show me results that say anything different. For example, every President from Nixon to Obama has stated that our nation is in danger because we are energy dependent. They said that they would do something about it. Nothing! ...And don't talk to me about alternative energy, CNG(compressed natural gas)or anything else. Private enterprise is moving, although way too slow and government only talks in sound bytes with token change. This year Bush's corn ethanol program will come under attach(should be eliminated)when our corn crop falls from projections and needs. Food inflation is coming, but you will only hear about it here.
Pacs, Activists and A Tax Free Campaign
The Supreme Court ruling that corporations are entities will help destroy the "anyone can be president" concept along with Pacs and the new fringe associations. These unknown groups with a motivated focus with names like,"America for Americans" and "Citizens for the Future" sound all well and good, but their agenda is all status quo and worse yet. These insiders start these groups in preparation for the national election. They get their clearance by advocating a cause like environment(think Sierra Club, which I like as an example). Then, they get a certified tax exemption. Now, they use it to push across their real intentions with no names attached(hide identity) and supported with taxpayer's expense. Their commercials will usually lie about the opponent in an election or the issues. One thing for sure, America is heading for internal conflict because these divisive techniques will eventually come to light and emotions will flair. Our only hope is that a third party gets formed that represents the people and actually does something for the people. Keep this in mind with the approaching fiscal debate, election and issues.
Liars and Crooks: Our government agencies need an overhaul. They have massaged the truth so badly that lies even have a shred of truth in them. For instance, here are two statements from different agencies that makes each agency findings in conflict with each other. A report this past week stated that 44 states had a rise in unemployment and yet, the Labor Dept. stated no change in unemployment. The CPI came forth showing only a .01% inflation increase which is nothing and we all know that gasoline rose over .30 cents-a gallon for the month of July and food cost more every time we go to the store. The real culprit is the Fed which prints money which devalues all our dollars. This unseen tax is killing our way of life. End the Fed!

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