Monday, October 8, 2012

Election Lunch: Corrupt Sandwich...L&C

The US is noted for fast food and in the past week we received a sandwich to digest that resembled an OREO cookie. We were force fed junk food. Fittingly, starting with the Fed who are the outside layer since they are not elected and have undo power over the US economy, as they announced that they were going to enact QE3 with no end time table or date if you will.
This led to a debate both pro and con to QE3 merits, not withstanding the timing being so close to a national election to which this action impact favors the president casting another doubt about the unbiased nature of the Fed.
Your wish sandwich inside makes dry toast look gourmet. Romney, in the presidential debates, served Obama humble pie for desert. This gave the challenger a boost and maybe Obama was not the right man for the job.
The bottom of your sandwich comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They made their monthly report on Friday. Bear with me dear reader for one minute. You see I have to set the price or numerical numbers that correlate this menu. Prior to the BLS report, the unemployment rate in the US was 8.1%. Now, it takes 150,000 jobs or lack of to move just one tick. The BLS announced that 114,000 jobs were created in September and that the unemployment rate lowered to 7.8%. What?!
Who Does This Help?
Can you see the phoniness? The B.S.?  It will take more than a TUMS to digest this lunch.
Maybe not in the traditional sense, but definitely manipulation. The BLS said that they use two ways to reach their conclusions. First, they check with known sources like manufacturing which actually lost jobs. Then, they call on households to get a second opinion which is their second step. This is where the corruption takes place. You see all they have to do is check with state and local agencies to see if they had new schools, were hiring and things of that nature. Then, they make local calls in areas where the info looks positive. Suddenly, you get a good report. To make the numbers jive, the BLS showed 652,000 part-time jobs in September. This is how they moved three ticks in their report. If anyone can live on part-time wages, God bless them because I can't. This is why dear reader that I say all these agencies need to be reformated and start all over with new people because all we get now is massaged facts that the staus quo uses to control us.
Liars and Crooks:If you watched the presidential debates, it is obviously apparent. Romney says one thing and Obama says that is not what he said. He means this to which Romney says no, I mean this and you are wrong to which the president says, no you are wrong. The only thing that is right is for all of us to see that neither of the two parties will do anything or knows anything that will help America. Let's pray and hope a new party begins that reflect what America truly needs and follows with the thinking of Jefferson, Madison, Adams and Franklin. Peace.

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