Monday, November 5, 2012

Whom I'm Endorsing...Special Kudos

So, who am I voting for? NEITHER! Why? What about civic responsibility? I'll answer both in the space provided to the best of my ability.

I'm not voting and I recommend that you do the same under the  highest of civic response. The way I see it is both of the major parties have shut out the democratic voice of the people. Did you know that there are four other alternative candidates running for the presidency? I honestly cannot tell you anything about the individual candidates because the two parties control the media and together they have shut down any knowledge about these choices. This is not in the democratic spirit of open and free elections.

As for the two candidates and their respective parties, they are both corrupt, war mongering, status quo entities that do not serve the people of our great nation with no concept in what it means to fulfill the public service creed. Don't accept that? A brief history of the Democrats and Republicans.

President Obama ran for office opposing the two wars, the deficit, the Bush Tax cuts and with the idea of a national health plan called, 1st Payer.
Results: The two wars still rage. The first lie is that the Iraq war is ended with a projection to end the Afghanistan war in the future. At present the US military has one of the largest, if not the largest military base in the desert of Iraq where over 16,000 troops are stationed and countless thousands of contract workers which includes private security forces. This lies about peace in Iraq. The other war by now you know is endless. Obama extended the Bush Tax cuts TWICE! He made a mockery of the deficit with over $1 trillion more each year in office. His health plan is nothing as advertised. It will make criminals of young people who will develop a contempt for government which is not good for democracy.

As for Romney and the Republicans, I despise them. Their party places up the constitution as its shield and power in thinking about laws and government. They say they want less government, less rules and regulations and their big issue, less taxes. Here are the results. President Bush is the worse president to manage our affairs. If it were not for Obama out doing him, Bush would have added to the deficit more than the totals of every president before him including his lying father. The party itself hates to do anything for the people. They were the opposition to Social Security and later, Medicare. They claim this is socialist thinking. So what! If an idea is good, the source should not matter only the substance. In addition, they were the party opposed to unemployment benefits, the eight hour workday and forty hour week. Their idea of manufacturing jobs is building tanks, war ships and jet fighters. War mongers! They hate the word liberal which means open to ideas and union which means job and worker protection. Their idea of ownership of the land is to cut down all the trees leaving only stumps on the ground, dig for oil in any fashion, irregardless of the pollution, especially to the water, soil or environment. Teddy Roosevelt was one of theirs until he became aware of the crimes and thus, placed into law rules against big business. He was ostracised because of his conscious. This does not mean that all Republicans fall into this subhuman level. There could be another Teddy that rises to the top. It is like my mother use to say, "there are good and bad among all kinds."

There is also one insight that you wouldn't believe the source, but a deep observation like an idea of substance matters little of its roots. Stalin, talking about voting said this,"it is not the vote, but who counts the vote that matters." When you think back to the election of 2000 and all the state results came in a timely manner except one, Florida. Funny, in a heavy Democratic region, Bush carries the area which carries the state. It still smells as well as Ohio in 2004. Two elections determined by states that had difficulty counting the vote.

So, by not voting you can demonstrate your individual protest and not give these crooks validation by placing your vote under their name. As I stated in my Forecast 2012, President Obama will probably win and we all lose. Keep this one concept in mind. After all the pundits give their two cents on the election outcome, will anyone ever tally the non vote factor? There is a correlation that I believe is the greatest hope for America and it is this: For example, say there are 200 million eligible voters in the country and the combined totals of the election equal only 100 million, then 100 million did not vote which also means that if there were a third party, it would easily win the election and the media, the two parties and the status quo do not want you to realise that number or fact.
Special Kudos:It goes to two Republicans. What! Am I ill? No! Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Christie of New Jersey showed great courage and leadership in the face of Hurricane Sandy. They did and tried every avenue to help the people of the area facing the disaster and this small acknowledgement is not enough for their efforts. If I were to vote, it would be only on the local level and I would proudly say that I voted for either of the above.

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