Saturday, October 26, 2013

Party Spirits...Halloween Notes

I ran across this essay and you, dear reader might find it very interesting as it is about political party politics.

- "There cannot a greater judgment befall a country than such a dreadful spirit of division as sends a government into two distinct people, and makes them greater strangers and more averse to one another, than if they were actually two different nations. The effects of such division are pernicious to the last degree..., fatal both to men's morals and their understandings; it sinks the virtue of a nation, and not only so, but destroys even common sense.
A furious party spirit, when it rages in its full violence, exerts itself in civil war and bloodshed; and when it is under its greatest restraints, naturally breaks out is falsehood, detraction, calumny, and a partial administration of justice.
In a word, it fills a nation with spleen and rancor, and extinguishes all the seeds of a good-nature, compassion and humanity."

"The party spirit  is blind and headstrong; it never seeks truth; but with a mind made upon every subject, it seeks for facts and opinions that favor his premature judgment."
Yesterday & Today
The above notes were on the political climate of London in 1711 by Joseph Addison. His observations were revived in America in the 1790s as politics began to split the new republic into a two party system that did everything to oppose each other.
Sebastian wrote about the Democrats and Republicans in their present form.
- " Our democracy is just two organizations headed by self-serving  economic elitist who actually let lobbyist write legislation, however they seek popular support, but never act for popular sentiment."
Halloween Notes: This non-holiday party day is the second biggest economic affair, however the candy that kids go "trick or treating" for will soon be made in foreign ports because of lower prices in the commodities to package the product and lower labor. This is another sad story in outsourcing and it is reflected in last week's default by American Crystal Sugar of $46million. It should remind the Fed that even though you lowered interest rates, someone still has to purchase your product to create growth. End the Fed!

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