Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tech v. Nature...L&C

No, this is not the latest supreme court ruling, but a question. Why do we think that we are smarter than nature? Why don't we take the extra caution and expense to form a symbiotic relationship with nature rather than trying to control it?
These questions came to mind last week as I was looking up at the trees in my area. They formed a beautiful banquet for the heavens and earth. I marveled at the sight. Each type of tree with its different evolved foliage, whether maple, oak or elm had its own majestic rainbow from the seed of green. Yet, green was really the background in the picture as red, gold and brown dominated the setting. In between were the various shades and hues of this fall art.
Today, stark, bare wood stands in the same place at dust. It presents a different view and thus, finds itself adjusting ones thinking to conjure up images like those in Sleepy Hollow.
If one remembers, this is just nature's way of resting. We do the same principle every night as we retire to sleep which refreshes the body so we can face the new day with energy. Nature gets its rest, evolves for the next cycle.
only needs a button or oil to grease the wheels. There is no rest. It is not natural in relationship to our human make-up. However, scientist respond saying with time that they can answer any problem. Government leaders today buy into science as the answer all because it provides easy hope, jobs and reelection. Conflicting opinions are regulated to background opposition with no real power. Which leads to the thought of the week: why do we give so little consideration to those voices?
Super Typhoon
has caused havoc to the Philippine Islands. Every year storms seem to be more powerful and more frequent. Whenever these fearful voices arise, the government responds with their appointed shills, but the facts remain.
Scientist built the nuclear plants that have cause total destruction to two areas of the planet for the next two thousand years!
Engineers built the walls that fell and destroyed New Orleans.
Engineers built the oil tankers that leak and sink everywhere in the world not to mention all the other problems of the oil industry whether it is finding or transporting its products.
is the latest question mark for the global community. Here in the US, reports are beginning to surface about the dangers to our drinking water. There are 27 cases in rural Pennsylvania from just one clinic.
The concept of fracking seems true because the shale gas is below the water line and there does not have to have a conflict in operation. This fails to the one fact of water. It can appear in the three different element forms: solid, liquid or gas. Also, water is the strongest form of erosion on earth. It can take years for seepage to appear, however it has appeared in places where it was not previously present. More than one state aquifer has been damaged.  In addition to man made failures, we added with the contamination of our seas by dumping sewerage into it. This is a serious danger. To me, that is the real problem that over time these sins are affecting fishing industries throughout the world. I feel it is time to stop the madness and rest these policies while seeking new and different answers. Time is the problem.
Time has come today...
(thank you, Chamber Bros.)
The people behind the concept of global warming constantly repeat these dangers, but with little governmental powers nothing gets done. These accumulated sins against nature are building up over time until forces beyond our knowledge could erupt.
Bottom line:
we need to seek technology that works with nature like solar. We cannot let the money interest push nuclear which is the most dangerous form of energy because it is cheaper. Quality is never cheap. Technology that is symbiotic with nature should be sought or we will find our future generation living underground wondering what are the cycles of nature?
Liars and Crooks: Obama care will cost more than projected. People will lose their favorite health care choice. Together, the nation will add to our vast deficits with leaders that always pass the buck rather than facing a serious issue. In their weak minds they are hoping that the Federal Reserve will pull another "hat trick" out of the hat that will lower the costs of all the accumulated debt. The problem is that the states are beginning to suffer from the debased currency and they cannot pass the debt due to the fact that state constitutions say that budgets must balance. They will lay their problems at the feet of the government like Detroit. This is a by-product of the Fed and QE. End the Fed!

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