Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Net Neutrality: Liars and Crooks

Two weeks ago I prematurely apologized to Mr. Wheeler, the chairman of the FCC because he publically stated that net neutrality was the right course for the internet. My understanding at that time was that he would not allow the internet providers card blanche to rip off individuals and small business with a fee based service. How wrong I was.
What he declared was internet neutrality, but in reality he allowed the government to be the fee generating service. There will be taxes on service, price increases due to regulations and eventually, a general tax on sales through the internet. In addition, the government has control which allows for abuse and censorship. Do you recall Sacco and Vanzetti? Alien and Sedition Act? We have a lot of paranoid people in our government as demonstrated by the war on terror. The media attacks on Edward Snowden as a traitor because he informed the public of the wrongful actions of NSA.
I was right in my first assessment of Wheeler. He is a "yes man" for position. This sad saga is not over because the big providers will gamble a few tax deductible dollars to take the decision to court. After all, they can charge big bucks if they win because the internet has penetrated 90% of our society. You wouldn't be reading this if it wasn't so.

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