Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Born 1961 - Died 2015

- ...Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.
                                                                                                                                       - JFK

In the 2008 financial crisis big banking and connected institutions received aid that numbered over $800 billion. The Federal Reserve printed over $3 trillion to cover this and other stimulus programs enacted by our government. Since 2008 we have doubled our national debt with no end in sight and no plan to pay this debt. We have not only endangered our country, but the psyche of ordinary citizens is also affected. We no longer are creating real wealth that benefits both the creator, his workers and our nation, but only individuals like the no content concept of Facebook, Twitter and the like. When too many hands reach for a slice, only a few will eat. The rest will go hungry and plot against those who ate. President Kennedy inspired us back in 1961. The Federal Reserve poisoned us in 2008. Consider the following aspect of some who are reaching for a slice of pie.
12 Steps for Financial Well-Being
1) Don't marry your woman, just live with her. While at the same time...
2) Continue to use your mother's address for all your correspondence.
3) Save enough to buy a home. You can use the 3% HUD program.
4) Then, rent it to your woman who can apply for assistance under section 8. This will pay for your mortgage. The rest of us will pay for it.
5) Your stay at home woman can even get pregnant because she will receive a larger check. Again, we pay for it.
6)Your woman can also apply for Obamacare, so you don't have to worry about her medical needs. The rest of us will pay for it.
7)Your woman can apply her talents to get off the "dole." She can return to school to better her chances in life and as usual, we will pay for it.
8)Still hungry? Apply for food stamps.
9) Need a home number. Apply for a free cell phone.
10) Cold? Hot? Apply for utility aid and yes, we will pay for it.
11)Finally, you tire of getting up to go to work. You claim disability. We pay for this too.
12) This couple does nothing for the nation but takes advantage of compassionate ideas to help distressed cases. Their hands are in the pie while some real needs are not being met. We know you are doing this and we are sick and tired of it. We see your food card at the grocery store and then, see you drive away in a newer car. We hear of companies bilking Medicare with bonus claims. All this fraud and more could be stopped with the hiring of people to investigate claims. If this is not done, social unrest will follow. I, for one am angry at the following figures.
$21,000 disability
$10,800 housing assistance
$  6,000 medical help
$  6,000 food stamps
$  4,800 utility aid
$  6,000 School grants like Pell funds
$12,000 other school aid
$  8,800 tax exemption on your tax return
Total= $75,000 . This is more than married couple make with both working and more than I ever dreamed of making in one year. It is right to kelp the needy, but like with coupons at stores, you should only be allowed to use one and not be able to have multiple streams of aid.
I only help those who help themselves.
                                                                        - God

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