Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Time To Call Out the BLS and Its CPI

- "Amen, amen, I say to you, man does not live by bread alone." The Master was referencing to our soul. The BLS sold its soul to the devil and that is why it does not need or count food and energy as an inflation component.
- Sebastian

Everyone in the Bureau of Labor Statistics should be fired and any work benefits that those workers were to receive should be revoked due to the corruptness of their economic and labor stats. They are all misleading, full of lies and hypocrisy.
Today, I won't get into the unemployment section with its "U" boat system. Yes, it too needs to be addressed, but first things first. I rant against the CPI and I ask you to join me.
The BLS released its latest report of the Consumer Price Index. It said prices in March only rose 0.1%. Get out of town!
That lie only helps to serve the lies of government and the Federal Reserve. The Fed uses that lie to steal from savers and the government uses it to steal from seniors. The Fed says it has no justification to normalize rates because inflation is below their 2% target. The government uses it to justify no increase to social security under COLA(Cost of Living Adjustment). The BLS lies mask their schemes. If the government gave correct COLAs, the deficit would swell. The Fed keeps rates low so the government can hide the dangers of our national deficit which would burst under normal rates. It also allows our two corrupt political parties to spend recklessly. It allows the military to wage continuous wars with no positive results. With that said, I had Sebastian look into necessary items across the country that we all need and use everyday.
Energy and Food
First off. let me show you by having you answer your own life as to what the real inflationary number should be. The BLS says 2.2% year over year, but they constantly shrink that number lower.
We begin: If you lived in Colorado or a mid-west region last weekend, you put the heat on because it was cold and snowy. When you awoke, you had maybe coffee or juice? Dear reader, the government has none of the above and thus, it does not include the cost of energy or food. We continue. Did you drive to work? Work at home? Later, did you have lunch or dinner? Did your kids have to catch a bus for school? How can you measure inflation, if the life that we live requires food and energy every day, and this is not in the equation? Each of us is unique, but we all need food and energy and a place to call home. Which leads to -
The BLS says it includes rent. Sebastian's results says they are lying again. He was able to secure info on three locations. It is not thorough in scope, but it points one in the right direction.
Home prices are up 6.5% nationally with 14 states up even higher. Only 3 states(W. Virginia, Louisiana and Wyoming) had less than 1% gain. Many places lost population like Youngstown, OH. which has lost 60% of its people since the 1950s. There are a lot of vacancies in many locations. Listen up, Baltimore and Detroit, you are not alone. With the outsourcing of quality jobs, Americans were forced to move to find work. Most of us went south and we found out the hard way that the pay is less. As such, new homes are not affordable and existing homes are not much better. Sebastian found out this: a new home in Seattle costs $536,700. You need to win the lottery to buy a house there. You see, dear reader, it is not just New York or San Fran that is off the charts. However, let us turn to rents and the BLS.  We will show the figure for a one bedroom and two bed units in three locations for last year and 2016. We also have a list of necessities.
1-bed: $1399.(2015) $1587.(2016).                   (no info)         $849.(2015)$983(2016)   
2-bed: $1899.(2015) $2114.(2016).                   (no info)         $994.(2015)$1200(2016)
                    Seattle, WA.                                  Nome, AK.          Orlando, FL.
*2% milk(half gal): $2.29                                    $4.79                  $2.50
*apples:                   $1.69 lb.                               $5.99 lb.             $2.15 lb.
*tomatoes:               $1.79 lb.                               $5.49 lb.             $3.00 lb.
*lg. bread loaf:         $1.25                                   $2.59                  $2.89
*12 large eggs:         $2.29                                   $2.59                  $2.89
*corn flakes:             $1.88                                   $3.79                  $290
*unleaded gas:         $2.19/ gal.                            $4.99/ gal.          $1.93/ gal.
*electricity:              7.2 cents / kWh.                  34.6 c/kWh        10. c/kWh
Did you compare your area to the above? Do you remember what you paid last year? Years ago? In any event, these are the items that we all use and need every day. We do not go out and buy a new phone or computer on a daily basis. The BLS, apparently do. In fact, they say we are deflationary because their new phone and computer is so much better than their old model. This allows them to be more efficient and for anyone who also buys new. Doesn't matter what the price you paid because the gadget will make your overall life less expensive. So much BS!
I say that we have a large country and Sebastian's research shows the vast differences in prices paid by consumers. Won't you join me in a new meme that calls for the firing of everyone in the CPI division. Let us demand a new formula in which food, energy and shelter costs are the only aspects to be investigated. We divide the nation into regions. We add up the results and divide according to the number of regions. No high or low figures excluded. The mean average will give a more honest conclusion to our inflation figure. We sing, "Everybody around the nation, let's hear what you have to say..."

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