Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Scandals Battle for Ratings

We give the elite tax breaks in the US in the hope that they will invest their money to create jobs. So much is given to a group that surely doesn't deserve it. I just knew Trump would follow the pattern and his budget proposal confirms my thought. We also hear all the time about the rule of law and all we get is these people violating the law whether its the environment, Libor Loan Rates, nepotism and cronyism, price fixing, (especially with the precious metals), or stealing depositors savings by banks or hedge funds. It is almost funny how it always leads to the top, although they never pay the time for their crimes as in the financial crisis of 2008. That was yesterday...
This is today...
We got Trump accused of firing the FBI director because maybe, his fingers are not so clean. Just like Reagan, Clinton, Bush, the cry for impeachment is heard. We get implications about the Russians almost every day as they caused Hillary to lose, they leaked this and they hacked that. So much BS. Speaking of hot air, the latest scandal has Trump giving the Russians top secrets. Dear reader, this is the secret and core of contention. In showing what I call "good will," Trump told the Russian Ambassador, Lavrov, that terrorists are using a space in laptops to conceal a bomb and that they should be on guard about this danger. Now, our paranoid military and intelligence see this as a violation of classified material. I do not, but that is just my opinion and we don't get to mandate policy. The only good thing that happened in all this was seeing a comic side to Putin who asked, "If Trump told Lavrov top secrets, why didn't he tell me?" Anyway, there are people who hate Trump and sadly, he has not done anything that he said that he would. They are distracting someone with a big ego who can be easily distracted. Now, folks, if those scandals cannot hold your attention, just flip the dial to South America. A few weeks ago I told you that a possible contagion that is happening in Venezuela. How about its Portuguese speaking neighbor, Brazil?
Last week a story arose that claimed the new President paid hush money to the lead Congressional member, Edwardo Cunha who led the charge to impeach Dilma Rousseff. She is out and Temer is in. The IBOV which is the Brazilian stock exchange dropped over 10% or 7,000 points last week. Can you imagine the NYSE losing 7,000 points in one week? Anyway, this could be a world first for democracy with back-to-back impeachments. It gets worse because one-third of their Congress is also under indictment for things like corruption, bribery, etc.
The bottom line is what channel are you going to watch or like me, flip back and forth. At present, democracy is failing due to leaders selling out to the status quo. Wake up! You made it to the top , now do something that is good for America. Maybe you should reread, "Profiles in Courage."

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